Sean Spicer Tries To Dance His Way Around Jimmy Kimmel’s Questions About His Former Boss

Sean Spicer is free of The White House press corps and the task of keeping up with the president’s hectic communications, but that doesn’t mean he’s free of the questions. While he tells Jimmy Kimmel he doesn’t plan on writing a tell-all book about his experiences, the late night host isn’t satisfied and tries to squeeze as much information out of the former press secretary as he possibly can. He isn’t very successful on the surface level, but there are little hints at how Spicer honestly feels about the situation in between his defense for the Trump White House and some of the more memorable moments from his short tenure.

Spicer made it around a year in his position with the Trump administration, becoming involved after the president won the GOP’s nomination and gathered its support for his push towards the presidency. His departure was hinted at for a few weeks before he finally made the decision after the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, something he says wasn’t personal and was based more on his belief that Scaramucci wasn’t ready for the communications job.

As Kimmel finds out, there are reasons for this. Not only did it seem like Spicer was aware that some of the positions he took in the press room were silly — like his first press briefing on Trump’s Inauguration crowd size — and he admits that he had to set up an alert for when the president sent out a tweet, leading to many late nights. While he says he didn’t try to dictate what the president should say on social media, you’d have to think he wished he did during those restless nights.

Spicer and Kimmel actually have a pretty fun rapport throughout the interview, which is a little odd. The host isn’t exactly lobbing softball questions at the guy, but Spicer does laugh and actually seems to enjoy seeing Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him from SNL. The president might’ve been a little annoyed by it, though.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)