Trevor Noah Thinks He’s Come Up With The Perfect Way To Stop GOP Voter Suppression

With the midterm elections just 19 — scratch that, 18 — days away, some Republicans are up to their usual bag of tricks to swing votes their way at any means possible. This time, it’s by causing voter identification conflicts to suppress the votes of minorities. Since the 2016 election, nine red states have passed laws making it harder, not easier for people to vote, and on Thursday night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah called Republicans out on their “bullsh*t.”

The GOP shenanigans are particularly dubious in Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams is vying to be the first black female governor, running against Republican Brian Kemp — who as the current Georgia Secretary of State, is conveniently in charge of running the election.

As a result, 53,000 voter registration applications, 70 percent African American, have suspiciously been put on hold in Georgia due to minor issues like misspellings and names not exactly matching up. “Isn’t it interesting how every time Republicans create a voting restriction it just so happens to disproportionately affect people of the brown brown,” Noah pointed out.

But later, he offered a solution. All black people need to do to ensure they’re allowed to vote is to simply register as a Republican.

“They’re going to be waving Trayvons into the voting booth like a third base coach,” Noah quipped. “And if you don’t believe me, just look at Kanye West. Before him, Republicans were like, ‘Just do your job, shut up and dribble.’ But all he had to do was put on a MAGA hat and they let him into the White House to yell at the president about time travel in the Oval Office.”

Hey, he’s not wrong. Looks like we’re gonna need a lot more MAGA hats.