Donald Trump Kicked Off The Weekend By Taking To Twitter To Wildly Claim That Obama Wiretapped The Phones In Trump Tower

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On Saturday, Donald Trump started his day by tweeting that he believes President Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower just before his election victory in November. Citing no evidence, Trump called it a Nixon-Watergate level situation and compared it to McCarthyism.

The fiery allegations came bright and early, which seems to be a typical time for Trump to unleash a “tweetstorm.” They also came without warning according to The Washington Post, with officials from the White House claiming it was going to be a “down day, pretty quiet.” It should be noted that comparing the allegations to McCarthyism and Nixon is a step down from his infamous Nazi Germany comparison in January, which is progress:

In the tweets, the president seems to allege that Obama sidestepped the courts in order to go through with the wiretap, providing no attributions or citations for any of his claims. With Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other former aides facing scrutiny over their connections to Russia, some critics are claiming that Trump may have wanted to change the narrative with his accusation on Saturday. The tweets also seem to continue upon Trump’s criticism of his Democratic party opponents, like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.