An Artist Takes Trolling Trump To Another Level By Beaming Some Serious Shade Onto His DC Hotel

An artist who moonlights as an expert-level troll has set up shop across from President Trump’s D.C. hotel to beam some serious shade across the front of the entrance. The messages lack subtlety, but the times demand such an approach, don’t they? One of the messages points to the entrance, letting the world know that “Trump bribes go here” and another spells out the Emoluments clause, a provision of the Constitution which restricts members of government from, basically, profiting from office, something that’s been somewhat overtly ignored by the Trump administration and his family.

Here are a few other angles of the projected messages that are sure to be taken down any second now:

Robin Bell is claiming to be the artist who seems to be behind the projections, but the real mystery is where he’s doing the trolling from? A few people are supposing it’s from the EPA building, which would be damn interesting.

Judging by his Twitter feed, Bell has been working on his resistance efforts for quite a while now

And it seems like Bell isn’t alone. Artist Liz Gorman seems to be behind this image plastered on the front of the hotel with the rest:

How long until Trump tweets about this?