People Are Roasting Wolf Blitzer’s ‘Too Early To Call’ Chant While Waiting For Alabama Senate Election Results

Tuesday’s Alabama Senate election — a potentially historic battle between Republican Roy Moore (and his horse, Sassy) and Democrat Doug Jones — was guaranteed to be a close race. As such, viewers are settling in for a long ride while outlets like New York Times and CNN are racing against each other to see who can accurately call the most votes first. On CNN’s behalf, an abundance of caution is prevailing, but because this is a dramatic race, the network’s trademark “Key Race Alerts” are taking center stage. As a result, the so-far star of tonight’s coverage, Wolf Blitzer, popped into frame the second after polls closed to declare, “Too early to call!”

It was a comical moment, to be sure, but to make matters worse, Blitzer has repeated the statement several times over the course of an hour. And those viewers who are frustrated while waiting for results are rolling their eyes every time the “too early to call” line comes up.

And of course, it bears another reminder that we’re in for a long night…