Brian Windhorst Discussed The Grizzlies Possibly Trading Danny Green…While On TV With Danny Green

As the “new media” era of active players holding jobs on sports television, radio, and podcasts, we are blessed with some incredibly awkward moments when those players or their teams become the topic of conversation — particularly within the world of sports transactions.

On Friday, this happened on NBA Today when Danny Green, who joined the desk as he continues rehabbing from offseason knee surgery, sat next to Brian Windhorst while Windy reported on Memphis’ ability to upgrade their roster by packaging their extra first round picks with Green.

They both handled it quite well, with Green being a veteran of trade rumors and hearing his name coming up. As Green noted, he’s going to get back to on-court work soon (which is just the first step in getting back into game action), but also knows that his contract is certainly the type of deal that is easily packaged in a trade with picks and would allow the Grizzlies to make an addition to the roster without sending out a current contributor.

At the same time, Windy adds that Green is the type of veteran Memphis wants around the team given his championship experience, and they aren’t simply going to shop him just to move him. That said, if the opportunity arises to fill a greater need than a 3-and-D wing for Memphis and they can get it done, Green and a pick might be on the way out.