Charles Barkley Had A Lot Of Fun With Bill Belichick’s Texts To Brian Flores

Earlier this week the NFL world’s attention shifted away from the upcoming Super Bowl or Pro Bowl to a bombshell lawsuit brought against the league by former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores.

The lawsuit featured a number of accusations against various prominent NFL people, from alleging Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered Flores $100,000 per loss to tank in 2019 to highlighting the sham interviews he’s been on as teams simply bring him in as a Black candidate to fill the league’s Rooney Rule requirement without giving him serious consideration. The smoking gun in the lawsuit was text messages from Bill Belichick to Flores that congratulated him on the job before he even interviewed for it, with Belichick eventually saying he “f**ked it up” and got his Brian’s wrong, as it was Bills OC Brian Daboll, not Flores, who was getting the job.

This has been the talk of just about every sports show all week since it dropped on Tuesday, and unsurprisingly the Inside the NBA crew had some thoughts on it as well, with Charles Barkley leading the way with some cutting humor about the state of the NFL (and the country at large), noting it’s more likely right now that a Black woman will end up on the Supreme Court than a Black man ending up an NFL head coach.

Barkley also had some advice for Bill Belichick so he’d avoid another text mishap, saying the Pats head coach needs to label his contacts “Black Brian” and “White Brian” so he can avoid such embarrassment in the future — to Shaq’s delight.

The best part of this segment was Ernie Johnson desperately trying to keep the train on the tracks while Shaq just wanted to egg Chuck on into more jokes about Black Brian and White Brian.