Jalen Rose Called Out Skip Bayless’ Pitiful High School Stats (Again) After He Critiqued Bronny’s Dunk

It has been over a decade since one of the all-time great moments in sports debate television history, when Jalen Rose called Skip Bayless “Water Pistol Pete” during an argument on First Take in which Bayless dared bring up what kind of shooter Rose was, leading to Rose burying Bayless by noting he averaged 1.4 points per game as a senior in high school.

It’s a moment that will forever be remembered by those who loathe Bayless, because for once he didn’t have a real retort and could only really muster disgust at Rose bringing that up rather than an actual comeback. In the 10 years since then, Bayless has left for Fox Sports’ Undisputed, where he still will walk himself out into deep waters at times opposite Shannon Sharpe. Bayless’ most recent misstep in the minds of many came on a truly bizarre tweet in which he seemingly critiqued Bronny James not using his left for an incredible dunk in an AAU game in Europe that was the talk of the basketball world here in the dog days of August.

Bayless insisted it wasn’t criticism but just commenting on someone who he says will be a “focal point” of his show going forward — which shouldn’t be a surprise given how much they talk about LeBron. However, as a rising senior in high school, many were displeased that Skip would treat Bronny as he would LeBron in that situation, and among those who saw Skip’s tweet was none other than Rose, who took a hilarious jab at Bayless on Tuesday’s episode of NBA Today, without even mentioning him by name.

It’s pretty great that all Rose has to do is mention the 1.4 points per game and everyone knows who he’s talking about, because that will be a clip that people remember as long as Rose and Bayless are doing television.