Jimmy Butler Showed Off A New Long Hair Look In Workouts That Has Fans Startled

Jimmy Butler is coming off of his 11th season in the NBA, becoming a bonafide superstar in Miami, leading the Heat to the 1-seed and the Eastern Conference Finals last season while averaging 27.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 2.1 steals per game in the postseason.

Butler is a recognizable face for NBA fans, diehard or casual, but when pics and videos from Butler’s latest offseason workout with Chris Brickley popped up on Instagram, fans had to do a double take. That’s because Butler, who has always kept his hair fairly short, suddenly appeared with long dreads, bleached at the end, which is a very different look from the Heat star than we are accustomed to.

Butler started wearing braids this season in Miami, which was the start of the hairstyle change, but I don’t think anyone was anticipating him taking that to a new level with the extra long look.

Butler showed off the hair transformation on his Instagram as he got the extensions put in for the new look.

We’ll see if he sticks with the extensions going into next season, but it caught fans off guard and as always happens on the internet, it got plenty of reaction and, yes, lots of jokes.

There were at least some people who are fans of the look, but, mostly, the social media reaction was just people roasting the extensions.