J.J. Redick And Stephen A. Got Distracted By Kendrick Perkins’ Heavy Breathing During ‘First Take’

After the Heat won Game 2 on Sunday night, there was plenty for morning shows to discuss about how the NBA Finals had shifted with Miami swiping homecourt advantage. How were the Heat been able to create so many open looks? Was the “turn Jokic into a scorer” plan something that could work long-term? What can Denver do to get Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. going again?

However, First Take‘s effort to discuss everything that happened in Game 2 got derailed by Kendrick Perkins’ heavy breathing into his mic. J.J. Redick had to stop his entire train of thought as Perk huffed and puffed into his live mic, asking “Perk is that you moaning in my ear over and over?…Are you OK?”

Live television! The funniest part is them boxing in Stephen A. onto the screen so he can chime in, “Yeah, I know, you sound like you got sleep apnea, Perk!”

Perk is a big man (who very well may have sleep apnea) and sometimes that means you’ve gotta take some deep breaths, but I don’t blame Redick for being unable to concentrate with that in his ear. ESPN might need to work on a cough button for Perk on First Take or just mute his mic from the booth, because Redick and Stephen A. couldn’t get their thoughts together with Perk’s breathing as a soundtrack.