Kyle Lowry Got Ejected For Tossing The Ball Back To The Referee

The Miami Heat were already down two stars when they arrived in Portland on Wednesday, with Bam Adebayo still out after thumb surgery and Jimmy Butler sidelined after hurting his ankle on Monday against the Warriors, and after a bizarre sequence in the second quarter, will have to finish the game without a third.

Kyle Lowry picked up an early technical foul against the Blazers, arguing a call with the officials, and quickly added one of the weakest second T’s you’ll ever see after tossing the ball back to the official after a foul call, who seemed startled by it and immediately ejected Lowry from the game.

There is the slightest hint of frustration from Lowry in the toss, but he doesn’t launch the ball at the referee. It just happens to catch the ref off guard and, somehow, that ends in Lowry getting tossed from the game. There are times where we don’t know things that are said and what magic words earn players technical fouls in what otherwise looks relatively tame, but this one is just inexcusable. Lowry isn’t trying to hit the ref or fire the ball at him, but rather seems a little upset about the situation as a whole with a foul being called and lobs the ball underhand back to the ref with the slightest bit of pace.

This might be a technical that, upon review tomorrow, gets rescinded to save Lowry the fine and take it off his record for the season, but that won’t get him back on the floor for the second half and Miami’s task in holding onto their 11-point lead will be quite difficult.