Scottie Barnes Didn’t Know Why Scott Foster Ejected Him In A 1-Point Game With 30 Seconds Left

The Toronto Raptors were in control for most of the night in Denver on Monday, but as the fourth quarter came to a close the Nuggets were able to close the gap and, ultimately, take the lead and get their 46th win of the season.

Part of how they got to that 118-113 win, in which the Raptors never had a shot in the closing seconds to try and tie the game or take the lead, was due to Scott Foster deciding it was time to interject himself into the proceedings. After calling a foul on Jakob Poeltl for contact on Aaron Gordon under the rim, something Barnes said got the attention of Foster who spun around, did a little crowhop, and then hit Barnes with an ejection (giving him a double toss motion) to the dismay of last year’s Rookie of the Year.

Barnes had no idea why he got ejected, as he and Raptors coach Nick Nurse tried to get some details from Foster. After the game, Barnes insisted he was talking to himself when Foster spun around and ejected him, and, while I’m not exactly sure I buy that, unless he said some truly magical words, that’s a wild time to toss someone when they aren’t even being particularly demonstrative in complaining.

Even one of the other referees on the floor seemed stunned by the ejection, as he was wide-eyed as Foster gave Barnes the heave-ho.

After the game, Foster said Barnes was ejected on one technical for “question[ing] the integrity” of Foster’s crew.

QUESTION: Why was Scottie Barnes ejected at the end of the game?

FOSTER: He was ejected on one technical foul because he used verbiage that which directly questioned the integrity of the crew.

It was an incredibly costly tech, as after Denver got three free throws on that possession, making them all, it became a four-point game and Toronto wasn’t able to even get a look at a tie.