NBA Fans Couldn’t Get Over The Sixers Fan Sleeping Courtside During Game 4

Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals series between the Sixers and Heat in Philadelphia was a tight one through three quarters, with the Sixers in control most of the way but Jimmy Butler almost single-handedly keeping Miami attached.

With 20 seconds to play, the Heat had the ball down four on a crucial possession and the camera cut to Kyle Lowry bringing the ball up the floor, but fans watching at home couldn’t help but notice there was a man absolutely sawing logs in a courtside seat on the baseline behind Lowry.

This is a tense, loud environment and this guy has completely shut out the lights, which naturally became an instant meme for NBA Twitter as folks had plenty of jokes because, well, it’s objectively hilarious to be stone cold asleep as a full grown adult while courtside at an NBA Playoff game.

As someone who has fallen asleep at a very loud sporting event before (the Coca-Cola 600), I can attest from real-life experience that this has to be partially attributed to a large number of adult beverages being consumed, alongside some carb and meat-heavy meals over the course of the day. I hope he woke up in time for the fourth quarter, because it was a highly entertaining finish (particularly if you are a Sixers fan).