Netflix Confirmed A ‘Castlevania’ Spin-Off Series Is In The Works

“Miserable little pile of secrets,” begone! Netflix has revealed a Castlevania spin-off series is in the works, confirming rumors that a new show was coming following the series finale earlier this year. According to showrunners Kevin Kolde, Adam Deats, and Sam Deats, the upcoming spin-off takes place during the French Revolution and follows the grandson of Trevor and Sypha Belmont, Richter.

While not much else was revealed about the project, based on the show’s 1792 setting we can pretty safely assume it’ll be loosely based on the PlayStation Portable game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, which follows Richter Belmont as he takes on the freshly resurrected Dracula in order to save the love of his life, Annette. The showrunners also confirmed the series will feature Maria Renard, a distant relative of Richter who is a playable character in Rondo of Blood. Interestingly enough, Maria is also the main romantic interest of a character we already know and love in the anime: Alucard.

During the announcement, the showrunners also stated their work in the Castlevania universe was far from finished, meaning that a highly-anticipated Symphony of the Night series could directly follow the Rondo of Blood spin-off. In Symphony of the Night, players control Alucard as he attempts to either save or kill the possessed Richter, with the help of aforementioned love interest Maria, of course.

While no release date was given, based on the lack of trailer and the fact that Castlevania just finished up last month, we’re unlikely to see a release date in 2021 for the spin-off series. Either way, fans of the franchise will certainly be happy this journey isn’t over just yet.