Kingdom Hearts Is Coming To PC, But Can It Live Up To The Wait?

Kingdom Hearts was an extremely unique concept when it came out on the PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2002. Disney mixed with Final Fantasy in a hack and slash style RPG was something gaming had never really seen, and for many this was the only time they played a title in this series.

Everything after that was kinda bonkers. There were handheld games, spin offs with details that affected the overall plot, a second numbered game that Kingdom Hearts fans love and many regular gamers do not, and an incredibly long wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. These games were also available on a flurry of different consoles, making it difficult to keep up with a plot that was growing increasingly convoluted even if you played them all. By the time Kingdom Hearts 3 released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One there were plenty of people that hadn’t touched the series since the early 2000s and had no idea what was happening.

But if you’ve ever wanted to catch up on the Kingdom Hearts series, especially on PC your opportunity is here. On Thursday, it was announced that every game in the series would be coming to PC for the first time thanks to the Epic Games Store.

This is absolutely exciting for Kingdom Hearts fans that want to push their gaming PCs to the max and play the titles at the highest framerate possible. It may even open up the floor for mods and fans can get really wacky with it. And if you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts and you have a gaming PC, this could be your chance to finally get into the series. As a longtime fan of the series, I can tell you if this is something that is worth diving into. But only if you like Kingdom Hearts 2 a lot. If you are someone that is interested in Kingdom Hearts and want to give it a try on PC then play through the original Kingdom Hearts, watch a movie about Chain of Memories (unless you like card battling games which, more power to you), and then play Kingdom Hearts 2.

That’s because there’s a very big split in where the story goes after Kingdom Hearts 2. One that is told across four games, a tech demo, a one hour movie/special, and a mobile game. The payoff, Kingdom Hearts 3, is divisive among fans: Some love it, ome were left very disappointed by it. The gameplay itself is great, but at times feels like it hasn’t aged past the PlayStation 2 it was originally born on. It is an absolute journey that is going to take a significant amount of time to complete. It’s doable, but it’s going to take a commitment and that is not one that everyone is willing to take. If you have the time, though, get ready for an extremely complex ride.