You Can Now Play ‘Candy Crush’ With LeBron James And The Tune Squad

LeBron James is keeping himself busy following a rare early exit from the NBA playoffs. With the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy coming up in July, he’s doing everything he can to promote the movie. One such way is to enter into the world of gaming — James has multiple gaming-related partnerships coming, such as an arcade beat’em up and a recently-announced collaboration with Candy Crush.

One of the most popular mobile games ever, Candy Crush is a simple but highly addictive: Match three candies together to crush them and earn points, and create combos so those candies will be crushed for higher points. Now, players will be able to, for a short time, play Candy Crush with LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, and all their favorite Space Jam heroes. Also, some of the candies are now basketballs, which is a very nice touch.


This may sound a little weird to some, but one-time events like this are really common in long-running games, especially in the mobile market. It’s a way to not only bring in some new players, but to also keep longtime players interested in seeing what new events will be popping up as they play the game. Kids will love it and people who are fans of LeBron might give the game a try because of it, making this a win for everyone.