LeBron James Is Heading To ‘Fortnite’ In ‘The King’s Arrival’

If there is one game that has never shied away from crossovers it is Fortnite. The massive battle royale may be known for memes, dancing, and piñata t-shirts, but it also has one of the most insane video game universes we’ve ever seen. The developers at Epic have done their best to keep a semblance of continuity inside the Fortnite universe, which means that Travis Scott, that really buff cat man, The Avengers, and Rick and Morty all share a universe with one another in Fortnite.

Now entering the fold is LeBron James. The Space Jam: A New Legacy promotional tour is never ending and when James said he would be playing for the Tune Squad this summer he wasn’t kidding. One of the big pushes for James and Space Jam has been in the gaming world, as they look to get as many kids excited about the movie as possible. They’re in Candy Crush, he has his own arcade game, and now you can play as him in a Tune Squad jersey while playing Fortnite.

That said, there’s more to this pack than just the Tune Squad jersey. Players can also dress up James in a Taco Tuesday t-shirt or as a king, and give him a pair of LeBron 19’s to wear. This all sounds pretty fun for anyone that’s a big fan of James, and because this is Fortnite that means you can probably make him floss too.


The LeBron James items will be available in the Fortnite shop starting July 14. Any fan of him should definitely check it out, or maybe the haters can go out there and dunk on everyone that’s using a LeBron James skin. Just be ready for the possibility of having your day ruined by a child decked out in a Tune Squad jersey that doesn’t even know LeBron James was drafted to Cleveland in 2003.