LeBron James Has Partnered With ‘Fortnite’ To Create Los Angeles Taco Pop-Up Restaurants

LeBron James has shown this summer that he can dominate both a basketball court and the virtual world. The Lakers star is not only starring in Space Jam: A New Legacy, but he’s had his own video game, and he’s even in Fortnite.

With all that under his belt it would be safe to assume that James is just going to spend the rest of this summer taking it easy right? Turns out that he has other plans, because he’s teaming up with Fortnite developer Epic Games to create taco pop-up restaurants called “El Rey’s Taco Tuesday” which is a reference to his nickname “The King” and his love of taco Tuesday.

Epic Games’ global online video game, Fortnite partnered with the basketball King, to produce an immersive experience for the ultimate LeBron James fans. Los Angeles’s new taco pop-up, “El Rey’s Taco Tuesday” is an industrial space that was converted into a gaming-restaurant where attendees can enjoy complimentary tacos.

The menu features 3 types of gluten-free tacos: Chicken Tinga, Grilled Carne Asada, and Roasted Barbacoa Mushroom. Beverages that can pair nicely with your taco plate include the famous “Slurp Juice” from the Epic Game’s Battle Royale.

This is a pretty fun partnership that matches up perfectly with James’ appearance in Fortnite. The three Fortnite skins available to players are a Space Jam skin, a king skin, and a taco t-shirt skin. While there’s no Space Jam reference in these pop-up taco restaurants, they do reference the two other skins and the tacos admittedly sound pretty good. Personally, I’d love to try a “Slurp Juice” to see what that tastes like.

These restaurants aren’t the first time James has used his love of taco Tuesday to sponsor an event of some kind. Back in early 2020, James gave the families of his “I Promise” school a taco Tuesday of their own. It’s really cool to see something that James was originally just having fun with on social media turn into a big part of what he’s about.