Lil Nas X Is Hyped Up About 100 Thieves Competing In The ‘League Of Legends’ World Championship

The 2021 League Of Legends World Championship has been taking place and the matches have been really exciting so far. One person, that’s been really enjoying them? Lil Nas X. His enjoyment of video games isn’t a secret. He’s a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog and did a livestream concert inside Roblox.

Lil Nas X is also a big fan of the League Of Legends team 100 Thieves. He’s so much of a fan that he decided to do create a hype video to celebrate the 2021 League Of Legends World Championship featuring a completely unique compilation of Lil Nas X’s hits “Thats What I Want” and “Industry Baby.” The result is a great hype video featuring 100 Thieves member JhbTeam dancing around with visions of Lil Nas X performing inside the LCS Championship trophy. The behind the scenes footage from the shoot is also quite enjoyable.

Anyone that wants to check out 100 Thieves in the League Of Legends World Championship can find them competing online at They’re currently in the group stage, coming off a loss to Edward Gaming, but they’ll get a second shot at getting a win on Tuesday when they take on FocusMe.

If they manage to make a title run maybe we’ll get an opportunity to see Lil Nas X celebrating it. We’re also going to eagerly anticipate more crossovers with him and the world of gaming.