Here Is Every Member Of The ‘Madden NFL 22’ 99 Club

With the release of Madden NFL 22 less than one month away, EA Sports is doing what it can to stir up excitement over the game. As one of the biggest sports titles every year, there is a constant expectation for Madden to be improving and adding new features, and one of the big focuses of the last few versions of the game has been showing the impact of star players.

People who play Madden are used to the star players being a little better than the rest, with EA Sports creating the 99 Club as a way to highlight the upper echelon of athletes. These are the players who have proven themselves to be impactful in any matchup. They are an exclusive club that Madden celebrates, and after a week of promotion we now have our inaugural members for Madden NFL 22.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams

Davante Adams has been one of the most explosive targets in the NFL for years and a favorite of Aaron Rodgers. His ability to catch the ball in traffic, get out in space, and be a general menace has many defensive coordinators pulling their hair out on gameday. In Madden itself, he’s best known for having a catch radius where, as long as the ball is in his general vicinity, he can go grab it. His catching ability is incredibly frustrating for corners but basically a win button for players that need a bail out option.

Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald

Arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, nobody dominates their position the way Aaron Donald does. His lightning-quick reflexes gets him off the line faster than anyone else, which makes him an absolute nightmare for quarterbacks and running backs. In the game itself, he’s known for being someone that can drain an entire offensive line’s blocking meter almost instantly. Better put a double on him or he’s going to live in your backfield.

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is known for two things: talking trash and being one of the best shutdown corners in the NFL. He has the ability to be physical with even the biggest receivers, but his true talent comes from how he uses his athleticism. Balls thrown in his direction are almost always contested, so even if he can’t get a hand on it, the receiver will need to make a spectacular grab to make a play. In Madden, he’s a corner that needs to be taken out of the play immediately or he can shut down an entire half of the field. He’s one of the few guys that players can leave in single coverage on the elite wide receivers.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce

He’s big, he’s fast, and he’s a touchdown machine. Travis Kelce is just as dominant as any wide receiver in the NFL, if not more so, because if a linebacker ends up on him, then he’s going to have the advantage when a ball is thrown his way. Kelce is a favorite target of the next dude on this list and of Madden players, because it’s as easy as throwing the ball up there and letting him come down with it. He almost has to be doubled team within the game, because he will win any 50/50 ball against a non-corner.

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Developers have said that Patrick Mahomes breaks all the rules. Typically, a player is only able to get into the 99 Club with a lengthy body of work, but Mahomes entered it for the first time in his second year as a starting quarterback. It was obvious why: He’s a generational QB with the athleticism to escape pressure and an arm that can make quite literally any throw. He’s not quite the cheat code that some previous Madden QB’s have been — i.e. Michael Vick in Madden 04 — but Mahomes’ ability to dance in the pocket and throw cannons makes him a favorite for players that just want to run four verts all day. Giving him a fellow 99 Club member in Kelce to throw to certainly doesn’t hurt.