‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Had To Warn Players To Not Stream Because It Will Show Their IP Address

There was a lot of hope for Marvel’s Avengers when it was first announced. The popular franchise getting its own video game made all the sense in the world. The movies were huge, the comics have always been popular, and there’s nothing bigger these days than superheroes. So why not have a game where everyone can play as all their favorite heroes?

Unfortunately, the game has been mishandled from the start. From the way the characters look, to how every single hero has their own individual battle pass, the game has been crippled by an inability to stay out of its own way. This is unfortunate because the heroes themselves play exactly how someone wants them to play. The details around it just make the game not as enjoyable as we would like, but the game is receiving constant support at least.

Unfortunately, one of the most recent patches put the game in another heap of trouble with its player base. With the most recent patch, a glitch was introduced that will flash a “string of text” across the player’s screen. That text is the player’s IP Address. When playing alone in your home that isn’t really a problem, but for the people that want to stream this game that’s a huge issue, because it’s doxxing yourself to anyone that wants to cause problems. Nobody in their right mind would willingly show their IP address on stream so the game is essentially unstreamable.

Glitches happen to games sometimes. No matter how much QA a game goes through there are just going to be bugs that appear when software is introduced to thousands of people simultaneously. That said, “IP Address appearing on-screen” seems like a pretty major one that should have been caught before pushing this patch live.

On one side, this glitch could be argued as “harmless” because it only impacts people that want to stream the game. However, with how prevalent streaming games are these days, it makes no sense to make a game that can’t be streamed. Streams are free advertising for a game and something that pretty much all developers have embraced at this point. If someone likes a game so much they want to show it off to anyone who will watch then why not make that process as easy as possible?

Unfortunately for the developers of Marvel’s Avengers this is another mishap in a long line of them. With the Wakanda update on the way for Black Panther, Crystal Dynamics was hoping to get a big win and some positive talk around its game but now everyone’s talking about another unforced error. The Avenger’s franchise deserves better.