There Will Be No ‘Mass Effect’ Or ‘Dragon Age’ News At EA Play 2021

E3 2021 may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the summer parade of video game announcements. One of the giants of the industry, EA, has yet to do a presentation and that’s because they’re holding off until later in July. EA Play will take place on July 22 and nobody is really sure what to expect. Especially now that we know BioWare doesn’t plan on making an appearance at the event.

On Thursday, BioWare announced that it would not be showing anything at EA Play this year. That means no new information on Mass Effect 4 or Dragon Age 4. While Mass Effect fans should be fine since they’re still working their way through Mass Effect Legendary Edition, this must be disappointing news for anyone that’s a fan of the Dragon Age series.

We know that a new Dragon Age game is on the way, but the details on that game have been extremely minimal. We last saw a trailer during the 2020 Game Awards so we know that progress is being made, but fans of that franchise have been eagerly anticipating a release date for some time. It would have also been nice to at least see some gameplay, but obviously we won’t be getting that, either.

While it’s disappointing that BioWare won’t have anything to show it’s probably for the best. There’s no point getting a presentation together to show games that simply aren’t ready. If we reach EA Play 2022, however, and they still don’t have anything to show then it might be time to show some concern. But after the year or so of making games amid a pandemic, delays and no-shows are generally to be expected right now.