Nintendo Announced A New Mario Golf Game Is Coming To The Switch This Summer

We’ve seen Mario appear in so many spin-offs at this point that it feels like the Italian plumber can do anything he sets his mind to. Of the many spin-offs, the Mario sports titles are frequently a favorite among fans. They’re fun, wacky, and have just enough skill to keep you focused on getting better.

During the latest Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, it was unveiled that fan favorite Mario Golf is back! This time on the Switch! Mario Golf: Super Rush will be coming out this June 25, and let’s just say this one has plenty of features to be excited about.

What everyone loves about Mario Golf is it so perfectly walks the line between a serious golf game and something wacky enough that people who don’t like golf can still enjoy it. In the trailer, we saw that they’ve added tons of new features like a scan mode and motion control so you can perfectly (or, more likely, imperfectly) hit your shots. This is still a golf game and that they’re letting people be as serious as they want with it is great! Of course, this is a Mario Golf game and that means power-ups, super shots, and speed golf!

Speed golf is going to feature everyone running onto the course at once all playing their balls as quickly as possible. Think something like Golf With Friends but Mario specific. It’s the perfect amount of party chaos we want to see from a Mario game. Hopefully, we can all play it online with our friends for maximum chaos.