Nintendo Has ‘No Plans’ To Lower The Price Of The Switch In America

The Nintendo Switch has not dropped in price at all since it came out all the way back in 2017. The console that can be docked to a TV or brought on the go with you has always sat at $300 in the United States, which is unprecedented with most consoles. That’s especially the case for one that is considered a member of the previous generation compared to its PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S counterparts. However, a recent price drop in Europe had fans hopeful that one would finally be coming to the states.

Unfortunately, our hopes for a price drop may not happen anytime soon. While there were plenty of rumors swirling around one taking place, Nintendo put those rumors to bed pretty soundly in a statement to Stephen Totilo of Axios Gaming: A price drop is not on the way and there are currently “no plans” for one.

This statement reads pretty cut and dry, so anyone hoping that the arrival of the new OLED model would mean a drop in the price of the current model will be disappointed. While the current model of the Nintendo Switch might not be the exact same as the original one that was released, it’s still unfortunate that a price drop will not be accompanying the OLED model. Maybe one will eventually arrive, but it certainly sounds like it’ll take quite some time.