‘Fortnite’ Players Are Convinced That The Rock Is Playing A Character After He Posted A Cryptic Instagram Video

The new season of Fortnite kicked off on Tuesday, and with it came the arrival of a mysterious new character called The Foundation, who fans are convinced is being played by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The theories kicked into overdrive thanks to an Instagram video from the massive action star, who dropped some not-so-subtle hints about the new season’s launch even though The Rock never specifically says the word Fortnite. However, the cryptic video does include one word that had players buzzing. Via Polygon:

In the post, The Rock says that March 16 is a very important day and that he wanted to be sure to post this because of how much it meant to certain people — though he doesn’t actually say who those people are. The entire post is strange and mysterious, and more than a little vague, until he gets to the end and says the words, “The Foundation,” which fans are taking a dead giveaway that he is indeed playing the character in Fortnite.

The Rock does a little bit more than say the words, “The Foundation,” though. He makes sure to put a little extra mustard on the phrase by doing his trademark raised eyebrow towards the camera.

Fortnite fans have also noticed that The Foundation’s armor bears a resemblance to The Rock’s shoulder tattoo, which has only added more fuel to the theory fire.

You can see The Foundation show up in the action-packed Fortnite Season 6 trailer (directed by the Russo Brothers) below, and the character does seem to walk, talk, and throw haymakers a whole lot like The Rock. Plus, only the People’s Champ could stand out in a trailer that’s already jam-packed with Master Chief, The Predator, Sarah Connor, and more.

(Via Polygon)