An Extremely Weird, Never Published ‘Simpsons’ Video Game Has Been Discovered For The Sega Dreamcast

Sega is no longer in the console making business, but many people still have fond memories about its last entry: the Sega Dreamcast. Digging through

Kotaku reported Saturday that Sega Dreamcast forum users discovered a Dreamcast dev kit that had images for a game called The Simpsons Bug Squad!, which apparently is an unreleased game that was developed for the console.

Yesterday, Sreak posted that they wanted to upload some files from an old Dreamcast dev kit and was curious if folks would want them to do that. People seem interested so they uploaded the contents of the dev kit and others began digging through the files. User Megavolt85 found files and images for The Simpsons Bug Squad! Megavolt85 was also able to get it running, allowing another user, pcwzrd13, to play the game and create a video of it in action.

Shortly after, a video of some gameplay from the dev kit made its way to YouTube and was shared by the Dreamcastic channel.

The video itself is a tech demo from Red Lemon Studios, and is more about the aforementioned bug jumping around the Simpsons house than it is an actual Simpsons video game, really. But it does feature Homer walking around the house while you try not to get stomped on. According to Kotaku, the unpublished game is more than two decades old, with development dating back to October of 2000.

It’s no Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, but it’s certainly an interesting bit of Simpsons and Sega history.

[via Kotaku]