Tom Brady And Patrick Mahomes Will Share The Cover Of ‘Madden NFL 22’

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs signal caller Patrick Mahomes went head-to-head in Super Bowl LV earlier this year, and now, the two are joining forces to grace the cover of Madden NFL 22. EA Sports announced on Wednesday morning that Brady and Mahomes will become the first pair of superstars to be on the cover alongside one another since Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu were next to each other on the cover of Madden NFL 10.

EA Sports

“It’s been a great experience being on the cover of Madden NFL 22 with Patrick. We both share a love for the game of football and to be a part of this iconic franchise is very special,” Brady said in a statement. “This year’s game really captures the energy and unpredictability that you see on the field every Sunday and we’re excited for fans to experience it for themselves.”

Mahomes likewise released a statement in which he praised Dynamic Gameday, a new feature in the upcoming Madden game that looks to make each individual game more authentic via a trio components: Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, and Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI.

“I, like most players in the League, have been a big fan of Madden NFL for as long as I can remember, and to be on the cover – not only for a second time, but also with Tom Brady, an all-time great – is surreal,” Mahomes said. “This is only the second time two athletes have been on the cover together and we’re both eager for fans to dig into Dynamic Gameday which makes the game more immersive, authentic and keeps it fresh year-round.”

It is not the first time that either man has been on the cover, as both have earned this distinction once in the past. Mahomes made his cover debut with Madden NFL 20, while Brady appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 18 when he was a member of the New England Patriots. When asked about these two getting this distinction for the upcoming game, Madden gameplay producer Clint Oldenberg told Uproxx that they were the only names that made sense.

“There were really no other answers, to be honest,” Oldenberg said. “I mean, those two guys are the guys in the NFL right now. What Brady did last year — what, how old is he now, 43? He took a team that was 7-9 with basically the same roster and turned them into a powerhouse, won the Super Bowl, played the Super Bowl at home, which has never been done before, so that’s another flag for Brady. And then Patrick Mahomes, if his career trajectory continues, you would think he’s gonna have a very similar story by the time he’s 43. He does a lot of different things than Tom — he’s more of a scrambler and an improviser-type, he’s got a crazy arm — but people love both these guys. Anyone who’s an NFL fan knows who these guys are.

“They were just very easy choices and they’re phenomenal ambassadors for our game,” Oldenberg continued.

Madden NFL 22 is scheduled to hit consoles on Aug. 20, 2021.