Jane Fonda, 84, Would Like You All To Know That She’s Still Sexual And Gets ‘A Lot Of Vibrators’

Finally, some old lady news to make your day: Oscar-winning actor, activist, and workout guru Jane Fonda, 84, is still sexy and proud of it.

In an interview for Yahoo Life’s “Unapologetically” series, Fonda reflected on her sexuality as she’s gotten older, noting that while she is not sexually active (in her own words, she’s “closed up shop”), she says that you do not have to be sexually active to be sexy, in addition to commenting on the evolution of the vibrator.

“I have ridden my sexuality along into my older age and very happily so, and I’m grateful for that,” Fonda said. “It takes courage and a willingness. What’s important is to know that you don’t have to stay sexually active, [but] you can stay sexual. We always have those vibrators that are getting more and more sophisticated every year. And, um, boy — do I get sent a lot of vibrators.”

So true, Jane! Also, who is sending her vibrators? Is it Maude investor and Co-Creative Director Dakota Johnson? They would know each other, since the Fifty Shades of Grey star’s father Don Johnson plays Fonda’s love interest in Book Club, which is weirdly a movie about a group of old lady friends reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fonda added that sexuality doesn’t stop when you hit a certain age. “It can continue if you choose — it’s all a question of choice. We should have a choice if we want to remain sexual into our 70s, 80s, 90s.” Agreed!

(Via Yahoo!)