Bane to Batman: ‘Come at me, bro.’

You guys? I feel like we’re friends, so I’m not going to BS you. These are the same pictures from the other day, just better quality. Phew, it felt good to get that off my chest. In other Dark Knight Rises news, it still doesn’t come out until July 2012, but you’ll be able to see a six-minute preview of it in front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Panties in “select IMAX screenings,” come December 21st. No one’s quite sure exactly what defines a “select IMAX screening” (70mm, possibly?), but I’ll keep you updated. We’re cool like that.
Meanwhile, Christian Bale recently gave an interview to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in which he was all “blah blah my character, directors were great to work with, blah blah blah Anne Hathaway is a rare talent.” You know, how actors do.
I could excerpt it, I suppose, but I find it’s more fun just to pointlessly speculate what’s going on in this scene. I bet Bane was all “Come at me, bro. I don’t think you’re gonna do sh*t, bitch.” And then Batman was all “Whatever, bitch. I’m right here, bitch. Why don’t you make a move, bitch. I’ll break your other wrist, bitch.” And then Bane was like, “Quit acting like a little bitch, bitch.” And then Batman was all “I ain’t a bitch, bitch, I think you’re the bitch. Look at you, standing there, in your vest, looking like a bitch.”  And then after that, their friends had to hold them back and one of them tore his wifebeater strap and told everyone it was ’cause the other dude was such a bitch. But I stress, these are only guesses.

[scans from Empire via our Bro Dimaggios over at ComingSoon]