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09.22.09 21 Comments

The only reason I’m even posting this is so that no one else emails it to me.  And also because it’s all over the internet today, and I don’t want to miss out on the traffic just because it’s not at all newsworthy.  GRRR, BUSINESS ETHICS!

Anyway, it’s well-known that Nic Cage was at one point attached to play Superman (which would’ve been almost as awesome as Charlie Sheen playing Spider-Man, which was also set to happen at one point).  Someone made the video below (a 55-second video in which Nic Cage’s face appears for about four seconds) supposedly showing Nic Cage’s “makeup test” in the Superman outfit.  Now, ask yourself: does this picture look like Nic Cage in a Superman costume, or does it look like Nic Cage’s head Photoshopped onto an action figure?  Pay special attention to the blurring where his “chest” meets the “costume”.  Bottom line, I’m pretty sure it’s fake, and sort of lame.  And totally unnecessary.  This picture is real and twice as awesome:

Think it can’t get any better?  Here’s the caption:

“It would be a wonderful thing if they could find a thylacine,” says Nicolas Cage, on set at the Melbourne Museum, who requested his photo be taken in front of the Tasmanian tiger.

Point being, it’s Nic Cage.  You don’t have to make stuff up.  Anyway, here’s the stupid video.

(thanks to Charlie Meadows for the pic, you really know the way to my heart)

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