Here Are The Elaborate Steps Required To Access The Upcoming ‘Bloodborne: The Old Hunters’ DLC

Tomorrow marks the release of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, and like all things Bloodborne-related, accessing this DLC is a surprisingly complex task. No, you can’t just pay your 20 bucks, then access the DLC from Bloodborne‘s title screen, that would be too easy. Instead you have to…

– Beat Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward. Once you’ve beat the boss, examine the altar in the back of the church to change the in-game time to night.

– Go back to the Hunter’s Dream hub and talk to the messenger. She’ll give you the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter.

– Go to the Oedon Chapel, and exit out the left-hand entrance into the square.

– Search around the right side of the square and you should trigger an event that will take you to a new DLC area, The Hunter’s Nightmare.

I know From Software games being user-unfriendly is part of the charm, but yeesh. Thankfully, it sounds like The Old Hunters will be well worth 20 bucks and jumping through a few hoops, as it contains four new areas, five bosses, and 10 weapons. You can check out a trailer for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters at the top of this post.

(Via IGN)