‘Battlefield 1’s $130 Special Edition Doesn’t Include The Game

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08.08.16 5 Comments

Every major video game release ships with some kind of special edition these days. It’s usually the game, a nice case for the game marketing departments insist on calling a “steelbook,” maybe some maps or an art book, and some sort of knick-knack for your shelf. Really fancy editions will offer elaborate RC vehicles and other toys and sell for hundreds of dollars. Battlefield 1, however, is taking it one step further, by offering a special edition that is $130 in only collectibles… instead of the game.

This is not an oversight. When you go to Amazon’s listing, you see this:

In fact, the item description is equally explicit:

The Battlefield 1 Amazon Exclusive Collector’s Edition includes Collector’s Edition Statue (14″ Tall), Exclusive Steel book, Exclusive cloth poster, Deck of playing cards, Messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content, Exclusive patch, and Premium packaging. This bundle does not include the game.

But you can get all this stuff and the game, for the low, low price of $210. Yes, that would be $80; it appears that if you’re willing to drop $210 on a video game, you’ll get both the collectibles and the “deluxe” version of the game, which lets you play three days early and includes two day-one DLC packs. But you do qualify for a Prime discount on the collectibles, which is nice.

It appears this exists mostly for people who want to shave a few bucks off the overall cost of the game to put together a “sorta special” edition. And that is thoughtful, although we have to admit, we’re genuinely curious to find which niche this caters to. Are people buying this game just for the statue?

(via IGN)

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