Brie Larson Wants To Make A ‘Metroid’ Movie After Dressing Up As Samus For Halloween

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Brie Larson has yet to make hero official debut as Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie of the same name, but she may already have her next role as a strong woman with super powers lined up. Larson will spearhead the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Captain Marvel in the spring of 2019, though that movie is definitely a precursor to the current MCU that’s been halved by the events of Avengers: Infinity Wars.

But fans of a different franchise — Nintendo’s Metroid video game series — should be extremely excited about what role Larson would like to pursue next. It’s the rare case of a Halloween costume actually sparking a lot more than cosplaying dreams, as Larson says she actually wants to play Samus on screen someday.

It all started with Larson wearing Samus’ Zero Suit for Halloween, which she revealed on Instagram earlier in the week.

There were also photos of her kissing a Waluigi on Instagram as well.

Fans of the Short Term 12 actress bemoaned that the image might be as close as they’ll ever get to actually getting a Metroid movie, but Larson took note of that and said on Friday that she hopes that’s not the case: she wants to make it happen.

Whether we’ll ever see a live-action Metroid movie or even an animated one is unclear, but Larson is definitely interested in making it happen. For now, Samus Aran’s next appearance — in her Zero Suit, even — will be in the new Smash Brothers for Switch in December. It’s a far cry from a feature film, but that’s still a better deal than Waluigi is getting.