The Music For Every Mainline ‘Final Fantasy’ Game Is Now On Spotify And Apple Music

Square Enix

Final Fantasy is an institution in the world of video games. Gamers have so many memories with these titles, whether it’s from playing the original on NES, the incredible Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III, if you played the original release in the U.S.), or the controversial Final Fantasy VII. With these memories come some of the best music in all of video games, although those were mostly reduced to memories because of the difficulty finding the soundtracks on the web.

That was until Wednesday when Square Enix quietly dropped the entire soundtrack to every mainline series game on Spotify. I am currently listening to Final Fantasy XIII‘s soundtrack while writing this post and am quite stunned to know that this is real. Via Game Informer:

Now, however, you won’t have to pay or resort to third parties to get your Final Fantasy music fix. With no prior announcement, Square Enix just dropped the official soundtracks for all 15 mainline games, as well as sequels, movies, and spin-offs. It’s a staggering amount of music from some of the best video game composers in the industry, such as Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimomura.

The soundtracks are now available for free on Spotify and Apple Music.

It’s rare to have such incredible video game soundtracks available, not only so readily, but for free! And there are some absolute bangers in the hours worth of music that was just made available. There’s the incredible battle theme in Final Fantasy XII, “Blinded By Light,” the ominous and infamous “One Winged Angel” theme from Final Fantasy VII, and of course more Chocobo themes than will ever be necessary.

There are so many other incredible scores and original music from the world of video games you can only listen to with a copy of the disc, or by saving it on a YouTube playlist somewhere. Final Fantasy revolutionized games once before back in the day, and maybe now it can revolutionize the dispersal of video game music.