‘Grand Theft Auto: Online’ Sees Its Largest Player Count Ever, Four Years After Launch

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01.10.18 3 Comments

Rockstar Games

In its latest weekly update, Rockstar Games announced that the month of December was Grand Theft Auto: Online‘s most populated month in history — four years after launch. It’s a testament to the tender love and care given to the game on a weekly basis. The latest surge of players comes in part thanks to the non-stop updates GTA: Online is receiving.

Outside of MMOs, few games receive substantial (free) updates four years after launch, but GTAO saw the launch of the Doomsday Heists update, featuring a multi-act co-op heist story, an impressive new base (in which you can call down missiles or NPCs to kill random players), and a vast amount of new vehicles and outfits to collect. Take a look:

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