‘Grand Theft Auto: Online’ Sees Its Largest Player Count Ever, Four Years After Launch

Rockstar Games

In its latest weekly update, Rockstar Games announced that the month of December was Grand Theft Auto: Online‘s most populated month in history — four years after launch. It’s a testament to the tender love and care given to the game on a weekly basis. The latest surge of players comes in part thanks to the non-stop updates GTA: Online is receiving.

Outside of MMOs, few games receive substantial (free) updates four years after launch, but GTAO saw the launch of the Doomsday Heists update, featuring a multi-act co-op heist story, an impressive new base (in which you can call down missiles or NPCs to kill random players), and a vast amount of new vehicles and outfits to collect. Take a look:

The latest update also began what could be a transition to Red Dead Redemption 2 or at least a bridging of the two games. A long-lost revolver from the Red Dead universe is able to be found, buried, after a lengthy hunt in Los Santos. It proves that the dense and rich world that Rockstar created still has plenty of life in it, and it makes this author wonder how long they’ll support the game once Red Dead 2 launches. Considering they’re making more money than ever, and the player base is only growing, maybe forever?

If so, they gotta do something about those load times.