Guillermo Del Toro Compares ‘Silent Hills’ To ‘The Last Of Us,’ Says Cancellation Makes No Sense

Getty Image/Konami

It’s been nearly six months since we learned of the cancellation of Silent Hills, and the wound still stings. A co-production between Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear-creator Hideo Kojima, Silent Hills had a great cast, including Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus, and an amazingly creepy demo, and most of what we’ve heard about the game since it was canned seems to confirm it was going to be a landmark survival horror experience.

Del Toro was recently asked about Silent Hills again in an interview with Bloody Disgusting, and he dropped another tantalizing detail, saying the game shared elements with the fantastic The Last of Us. He also didn’t seem particularly pleased with Konami’s handling of the game (to say the least)…

“We had a great experience and had great story sessions with hundreds upon hundreds of designs. Some of the stuff that we were designing for Silent Hills I’ve seen in games that came after, like The Last of Us, which makes me think we were not wrong, we were going in the right direction.

The thing with Kojima and Silent Hills is that I thought we would do a really remarkable game and really go for the jugular. We were hoping to actually create some sort of panic with some of the devices we were talking about and it is really a shame that it’s not happening. When you ask about how things operate, that makes no f*cking sense at all that that game is not happening. Makes no f*cking sense at all.”

Dang, tell us what you really think. Between him swearing off doing video games and Hollywood blockbusters recently, it seems like del Toro isn’t having a great time of it lately. Put Silent Hills on Kickstarter and I promise, I’ll give you $50 to give me nightmares, Guillermo.

via Bloody Disgusting