The ‘Halo Infinite’ Trailer Was Turned Into A Nintendo 64 Game

One of the biggest titles on the (approximate) calendar for video game fans this fall is Halo Infinite, which fans got a good look at in late July at the Xbox Series X games event. Fans got a cinematic trailer and a look at a significant portion of the game’s campaign, which saw Master Chief land on a Halo ring and start taking care of business against the covenant.

While we still don’t know much about Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer — other than that it will have a free-to-play aspect on the Xbox Series X — we have seen the game in a totally new way. Thanks to YouTuber Hoolopee, who has done a bunch of neat gaming trailer remixes including a PS1 version of the Death Stranding trailer. Their latest work is a remix of the Halo Infinite trailer as an Nintendo 64 game, and it’s something else.

Some gaming fans were critical of the new Halo‘s graphics compared to other next-gen titles we’ve seen, but this game certainly goes back a few console generations. It also contains some classic video game tropes, such as the narrative pop-ups on the bottom of the screen that accompany the real audio with the character’s face. There was also a more retro-themed start screen as well.

Hoolopee on YouTube

It’s a really charming result. Whereas seeing the Halo ring in the Infinite trailer sparked some considerable nostalgia, it really is fascinating to see Master Chief’s gun and the Halo scenery rendered with much more pixelated graphics.

Hoolopee on YouTube

The trailer doesn’t give us anything new to learn from the actual game coming this holiday season, but it’s definitely a fun distraction while we wait.