Microsoft Has Unveiled The First HoloLens Games, Including A New Rough-Looking ‘Conker’ Title

02.29.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Back at last year’s E3, Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens, a “mixed reality” headset that projects holograms into the real world around you. They demonstrated it by showing somebody interacting with an elaborate Minecraft creation in real life, which was, admittedly, pretty cool.

Well, Microsoft officially announced pre-orders for HoloLens development kits today, and the $3,000 units will ship with three built-in games designed to give developers an idea of what the HoloLens can do. Probably the most promising of the bunch is Fragments, a mystery-solving adventure game, which projects characters and clues into the room you’re in.

RoboRaid is a pretty basic shooter experience, in which you have to shoot alien robots coming out of your walls.

Finally, there’s even a new Conker game. A really terrible new Conker game. In Young Conker, a grotesquely redesigned version of the foul-mouthed squirrel platforms around your living room. It looks pretty awkward.

Microsoft has released a ton of other videos breaking down what HoloLens can do. You can check them out here. But I dunno – HoloLens is a neat idea, but the fact that your game world is always going to be limited to your immediate surroundings is going to severely limit it. My living room just isn’t that interesting, y’know? What do you think? Does HoloLens have potential, or is it another tech dead end?

(via Eurogamer)

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