‘Ghostbusters 2,’ The ‘Hangover 2’ Of Ghostbusters Movies, Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

“Before you see the remake that the internet is sure will ruin the Ghostbusters franchise, see the Ghostbusters movie that kind of already did — Ghostbusters 2.” PROTON PACKS FIRED. That’s how Screen Junkies opens their newest honest trailer.

The new movie opens this Friday (and will surely kill us all or something), so Screen Junkies took a well-timed look back at 1989’s Ghostbusters 2, the movie where the ‘busters are assumed to be frauds even though they just saved everyone five years earlier. The honest trailer makes a fair case for the sequel being the exact same plot as the first movie, even though the premise (that damn near everyone forgot the ghostpocalypse that just happened) made no sense and the retreaded plot execution was fun, but didn’t quite live up to the first movie. So, like the Hangover sequels?

Just like one’s ideal approach to Hangover movies, the trailer offers the fair advice, “If you loved the first Ghostbusters movie, then you should definitely go watch that one instead.” Or one could, we suppose, leave bad reviews for a movie they haven’t seen yet. That works, too…

*sad trombone*

Anyway, Screen Junkies also teamed with Smosh Games for a timely honest trailer for the Ghostbusters game, which was thankfully less “childhood-ruining” than Kinect Star Wars from the same developer. Here’s that uncanny valley goodness, presented without further commentary:

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Via Screen Junkies and Smosh Games