Here’s How To Find The Wolf Man In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Rockstar Games 2 on Twitter

Remember when everyone was messin’ with Sasquatch in Grand Theft Auto V? Well, Rockstar Games has kept the joke going in Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that is “exactly what you want it to be,” especially if you cotton to cowboy shenanigans and horses spontaneously combusting.

The game has already opened bigger than Avengers: Infinity War, moved more units in eight days than the first Red Dead Redemption has ever sold, and possibly kiboshed employee work-life balance. Also, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you might just might run into the “Feral Man,” who acts an awful lot like a werewolf. (His hair was perfect.)

So how do you find this (sort-of) cryptid? He’s found in Chapter Six, and he lives with grey wolves in a cave located right where the “R” is on the map for Roanoke Valley, north Annesburg:

Rockstar Games

Fitting that they referenced the lost colony of Roanoke for a guy who seems to have lost himself (and all of his clothes) in the wilderness.

The Feral Man will run to his cave if you get near him, and the wolves will attack you if you approach the cave. If you decide to shoot the wolves, you can find a diary, which tells of a boy who read a book called My Life Among The Trees, ran away from home, and lived with a pack of wolf pups. So he’s not so much a werewolf as a tragic feral child, it turns out.

VG24/7 explains your in-game options:

He’ll lay on the floor whimpering if you kill his friends and doesn’t seem to become a real threat until you read his diary. He’ll attack with a knife, but he’s easy enough to subdue. His cave is littered only with carcasses and a few food items, but nothing special or hidden. Maybe you should just live and let live, huh? It’s also worth noting that if you enter the cave during the day there’s no signs of life apart from a tiny campfire.

You can also find the Viking Hatchet just a little ways south of the cave.

Here’s a video of a player finding the Feral Man. It’s probably NSFW since the guy will fight you naked like some straight up Eastern Promises sh*t.

(Via VG24/7 and Variety)