Netflix Will Soon Get A ‘Minecraft’ Adventure, While Telltale Games Is Working On A ‘Stranger Things’ Game

06.13.18 1 year ago


Netflix and Telltale Games are teaming up and collaborating this fall, but the streaming giant is saying it’s not getting into video games just yet.

Netflix revealed on Tuesday that a version of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode will find its way to the streaming platform this fall. They also announced that a video game adaptation of the hit series Stranger Things is currently in development.

Telltale is famous for turning The Walking Dead into an episodic video game, and it seems likely that a Stranger Things game would follow a similar route. Its Minecraft: Story Mode follows a similar format, with a story taking place in the block-shaped world following a character named Jesse, who explores and attempts to save the world. According to TechRadar, the Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode will be told in five parts and be “delivered via video files and will accept commands via any remote equipped with directional and select buttons.”

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