A New HD ‘Paper Mario’ Game For Wii U Is Rumored To Be On The Drawing Board

Rejoice fans of adorable, stylized Mario RPGs – a new HD Paper Mario game is most likely on the way. While this is still a rumor for now, the information comes from Emily Rogers, a former blogger with inside Nintendo connections who has been dead-on about a lot of Nintendo-related stuff in the past.

According to Rogers, the new Paper Mario is being developed for Wii U by series-creators Intelligent Systems. Apparently, the game is already in the testing phase, so it could be coming out sooner than you might expect, perhaps even as a pre-E3 surprise…

So far there’s no word on what form the new Paper Mario might take. Most past Paper Mario games have been traditional turn-based RPGs, but some of them have been more action-based. Either way, this is welcome news, as it’s been quite some time since the Paper Mario series has appeared on consoles. The past two games in the series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and the recently released crossover Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, were 3DS exclusives. It’ll be exciting to see Paper Mario‘s trademark 2D visuals in crispy HD for the first time.

What do you folks think? Into more Paper Mario, or has your enthusiasm for the series faded like construction paper in the sun?

(Via Nintendo Life)