‘Pokemon Quest’ Is The Fun Warmup To The Console Pokemon Game The Switch Deserves

06.06.18 12 months ago 3 Comments


Nintendo’s Pokemon video games have spanned generations of gamers and, if you started playing the original games in 1998, likely a few too many pocket monsters to keep track of at this point. Those who first entered the world with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue have essentially waited more than half their lives for a real console version of the RPG that launched the shipment of millions of handhelds.

Last week, Nintendo announced that a console Pokemon game is finally coming to the Switch sometime next year. It’s a huge announcement that came with a smaller, more tangible one as well: A freemuim game called Pokemon Quest. Available right away on the Switch, a mobile version of the game is supposed to be released soon.

The colorful cubed game is a decent teaser for next year’s main event. Much more battle-based than mobile game Pokemon Go, Quest situates you as an explorer arriving via boat to Tumblecube Island. There, a PokeBall-shaped drone follows the action as you build three-Pokemon teams to take down some of the island’s inhabitants.

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