‘Sea Of Thieves’ Is Struggling To Keep Up With Demand And Players Aren’t Able To Get Into The Game


It was smooth sailing for most of launch day, but when the clock struck midnight eastern time on March 20th and the entirety of the United States and Canada tried logging in, Sea of Thieves was down. Various error codes have been thrown at users, such as Cinnamonbeard, Lavenderbeard, and Greybeard, with each error code being somewhat unique, but mostly, it means that the Sea of Thieves servers are taking on water.

The extreme bottleneck has led to Rare not allowing new players into the game as they try to fix the issues, while those who could access the game are still getting errors.

Naturally, it’s led to a huge amount of disappointment from the millions of people who are wishing they were sailing the gorgeous seas. Some gamers are getting toxic, others are lightly ribbing Rare as they scramble to fix the issue, and even brands are getting in on poking fun at the botched launch.

In addition to the server errors, players are reporting gold disappearing from their coffers after a long day of plundering. So far, Rare hasn’t publicly addressed those issues, but regarding the “beard errors,” a help page has been set up. If you get the dreaded Cinnamonbeard error, completely quit your game and restart, and it might work if you were able to play before. If you haven’t been able to play the game, you’re stuck on a desert isle for now.