Everything Sony Revealed At E3 2017

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06.12.17 3 Comments

Sony’s E3 presentation was all about the spectacle, and a carefully chosen handful of games. Unlike last year, when Sony dropped a string of surprises, this year’s conference was surprisingly restrained and even defined more by what it left out


Sony’s centerpiece was next year’s new take on Spidey, from Insomniac, where we saw a nice bit of action and got a sense of how the game will play. The story is a fairly classic Spidey tale of criminal gangs, seemingly decent men turning out to be supervillains, and lots of acrobatic webslinging and face-kicking. And, as a bonus, we got a look at Miles Morales.

God Of War

Kratos returns with a new Norse setting and still no hint as to which god his son is supposed to be. Still, we got a better look at how the game plays, and a more mournful Kratos struggling to figure out how to be a decent father to his son while also killing lots of demons and hiding from his past, right down a clever joke with a Grecian urn.

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