The ‘Street Fighter: Genesis’ Trailer Brings Ryu And Ken To Life And The Effects Are Amazing

Moving Box Studios

Mortal Kombat might be the fighting game of the moment thanks to MK 11‘s release earlier this month, but Street Fighter got itself an amazing video for fans to salivate over as well.

Moving Box Studios — known for making a number of music videos in the past — is expanding into the video game movie business and released a two-minute short film set in the Street Fighter universe called Street Fighter: Genesis. The video serves as a trailer for a movie, and it certainly looks like Street Fighter movies have improved over the last two decades.

It’s a pretty exciting two minutes for fans of the series who have longed to see their favorite characters in action, and the casting looks extremely on point. Sage Northcutt is Ken and Ryu is played by Marc Canonizado.

Moving Box Studios

The first Street Fighter hit consoles back in 1987, and subsequent games spawned a little-loved 1994 film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. This one looks a lot more lifelike, and to be a lot more about fighting than shooting guns.

Here’s the description of what’s happening in Genesis.

Ryu is being hunted after unleashing the dark power of Hado against Sagat in brutal combat. Bison will stop at nothing to harness Ryu’s power and rule with an iron fist in this modernized retelling of the classic video game.

The trailer is scored by Gramatik and features a lot of fisticuffs and training, with a bit of the mystical abilities that have made the Street Fighter games so popular over the years. M. Bison, Blanka, Guile, Balrog and more all make appearances in the fast-paced trailer.

Moving Box Studios

The company says the film is expected to drop in 2020, which is a long time to wait if the fight scenes got you excited in the trailer. But it looks like it’ll be worth it.