Watch Someone Break The Record By Beating ‘Super Mario Bros.’ In Under 5 Minutes

The original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. is a favorite of video game speedrun freaks. The NES classic may have 32 levels spread out over eight worlds, and some of those levels get pretty ambitious and long as the game nears its end. But thanks to copious warps, a really dexterous video gamer can conquer it quickly. So genuflect before your new god, for, as per brobible, a gamer has beat the record for the fastest Super Mario Bros. run.

The gamer goes by “Kosmicd12,” and he’s no stranger to Super Mario Bros. In fact, by engaging in the classic art of “speedrunning” — employed by gamers who want to beat records by running through levels at top speeds and being extremely coordinated — he managed to tie the previous speed record down the millisecond, which record was 4:56.245.

According to Kotaku, Kosmicd12 wondered what would happen if he tried out a trick in World 1-2, which would save a single “frame rule” — the term for how long the game takes the load the next level.

He was right, and all of a sudden — while recording his game, mind you — he was able to get it down to 4:55.913 — a hair under the four minute and 56 second record.

So there you have it. Of course, is this as impressive as the guy who broke the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out speedrun record while blindfolded?

(Via brobible)