‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Has A Secret That Long-Time Nintendo Fans Will Adore

Super Mario Odyssey is everything that’s great about video games. The tight gameplay, clever design, and whimsy harken back to a time when gamers could gather around the TV and theorize over a game’s secrets without the help of millions of gamers on the internet. Specifically, 1996, when Super Mario 64 took the world by storm.

Now, as a nod to one of Mario 64‘s most enduring mysteries, Odyssey is sending players to a classic location. Spoilers from here on out!

After players finish Odyssey, Mario heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the level, players collect purple coins to redeem for a unique outfit — Mario’s low-polygon look from Mario 64. While wearing this costume, players can unlock a door in the Mushroom Kingdom which will lead them to a famously confusing Mario 64 area that, for decades, gamers thought unlocked Luigi.

The only thing the throwback doesn’t include is RCA cords.
If you plop Cappy (Mario’s super-hat) on top of the Eternal Star statue in the middle of the courtyard, you unlock the “Totally Classic” achievement, and add another Moon (which looks like a Mario 64 Power Star) to your collection.

Here’s a video tutorial on where to go and how to access the throwback area. Something that would be quite mind-blowing in 1996. Ah, nostalgia. Again, spoilers!

(Via Kotaku)