Steven Ogg, Trevor From ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ Appeared On ‘The Walking Dead’ Last Night

There are video game characters who are fragile beyond all belief; Mario, after all, just gets touched by a walking mushroom and dies. Then there are those where seemingly nothing can kill them, like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V. Not bullets, not explosions, not car wrecks, not jumping from an airplane from a great height and failing to open his parachute and, apparently, not even a zombie apocalypse can slow Trevor down.

Yes, the rumors were true, and Steven Ogg turned up as one of Negan’s Saviors in last night’s finale to The Walking Dead. Here’s a low-quality version until a better video is available:

He’s unhinged and violent, so we guess Los Santos getting destroyed in a zombie apocalypse didn’t faze Trevor all that much. Hopefully Michael and Franklin are alright; maybe they’ll turn up on Fear The Walking Dead?

This isn’t the first time Trevor’s popped up on cable. He’s made Jimmy’s life unpleasant on Better Call Saul and creeped out Abbi and Ilana as an inappropriate locksmith on Broad City. And he’ll have a role to play on Westworld later this year. Still, we’re left wondering if any TV show will make use of Ogg’s genius for making screaming profanity in your face highly entertaining. It’s truly a gift he should share more with the world.

(Via YouTube)