The ‘WWE 2K15’ Career Mode Sounds Like It Will Be Realistic To A Fault

Today 2K Games detailed the MyCareer mode for WWE 2K15, and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty comprehensive – perhaps a bit too comprehensive.

Your created character’s journey will start at the WWE Performance Center, where Bill DeMott will abuse, er, I mean train and inspire you. From there it’s on to NXT, where you’ll compete against other upcoming stars such as Rusev, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Bo Dallas and Corey Graves. Next you’ll move up to the main roster, where your career will be at the mercy of Vickie Guerrero’s random whims. You’ll have to make alliances, enter into rivalries and manage your social media interactions and as you climb the ladder you’ll encounter branching paths and unlock new gear, attributes and moves.

So yeah, sounds pretty true to life! That said, I’m not sure how fun being screamed at by Bill DeMott, wrestling Corey Graves and managing your Twitter feed actually sounds. Also, I wonder what happens if your created character is a short guy with a beard? Will the game ever truly let you win? Or what if you make a skinny guy with Pepsi tattoos? When you beat career mode do you get a “You’ve unlocked career disillusionment! Do you want to quit? Yes or Yes?” message?

Oh, and here’s some new character art for some of the confirmed NXT guys including, sigh, Corey Graves…

No word on whether female characters get to have a MyCareer, although one big pro tip if it exists – don’t take the “Total Divas” branching path if you ever want to win the title.


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